Rocking Circle P

Rocking Circle P is my small farm in Northeastern rural Utah. We're a small fruit, nut and fiber farm.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust!

Gosh it feels great to complete projects. Big Sigh!!!! Here are my friend Roni's socks. Completed and ready to deliver. They were suppose to be for her birthday on June 11th. Well, I'm a little late, but had to adjust the foot length. She measured her feet and she said they are 10 1/2 inches. I knit a 10 1/2 inch foot on the sock, but it was too big. Raise your hand if you too have experienced this? Ok, leave a comment and let me know what happened. Does the sock grow when you put it on? Don't be intimidated, the pattern is a lot easier to knit than it looks.


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