Rocking Circle P

Rocking Circle P is my small farm in Northeastern rural Utah. We're a small fruit, nut and fiber farm.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Can't believe I missed April.
I was trying so hard to post at least once a month.
I'm a terrible blogger.
May brings finished projects:
  • Freckles is spun, plied, set and ready to return to it's home with my Sister Bonnie.
  • 2 1/2 blocks of the 3 afghan blocks from my Loomclass are complete.
  • The gate on my main pen was created and I just love it. Thank you John
  • Combed and Carded the shetland. Combed shetland top is wonderful to spin.

May brings new projects:

  • Preparation for birth of new kids and lambs. I'm so excited!
  • Finish shearing all the animals.
  • Spin shetland - Going to send Bonnie some to try out. I want to do some of this as a 2 ply and some as a 3 ply.....maybe a navajo 3 ply.
  • Work on those socks for my friend.
  • New weaving project from my Ashford book with homespun yarn.


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