Rocking Circle P

Rocking Circle P is my small farm in Northeastern rural Utah. We're a small fruit, nut and fiber farm.

Monday, July 10, 2006

What have I been doing for the last while?

I've been spinning and spinning and spinning, and making a felted bowl. Remember the first yarn? Remember the first yarn sun dyeing? I think that was back in August 2005.

Well I decided to take those first yarns that I learned to spin on and make a bowl. It turned out to be a small bowl and resembles a spittoon more than a bowl, but it was my own creation. Crocheted and Felted.

The brown raglan yarn was fiber I received from the guilds Winter Retreat in January 2006. Just finishing the spin on that fiber. My brother came to visit and liked that fiber. Hinted he needed a pair of socks made from it. I'll have to find something for the heels and toes, big footed bloke that he is, but I think I will have enough. He is moving back to Utah, so he will need some really warm socks. Hmmmmm.......


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